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We are Tunisian Women Association in United kingdom. We work tirelessly for the welfare of women and children in Tunisia.

With a variety of impactful proejcts, ranging from medical care to educational support, we aim to help transform the current situation for women and children in Tunisia.

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Our Projects

Khangeut El Jazia School Extension

Our main focus is to execute the extension of the only school in the vicinity. It shares four classrooms and two toilets for almost 300 students.

Due to the lack of space, students are forced to study out-doors under the open sky throughout the seasons without much-needed shelter. Teachers take it upon themselves to work different shifts to accomodate the overflowing number of students.

With an estimated cost of £150,000 to £250,000, we aim to provide extra classrooms and much-needed basic facilities such as libraries, more toilets and gymnasiums.

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